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Wide and clean sandy beaches almost in this same place (because there aren't tides on Baltic sea) are for you without any worry about finding place. There are less people on our beaches than in neighbouring Rowy or Ustka.

Slovinski National Park

There is Slovinski National Park behind our fence with unique in Europe moving dunes. To find out more about nature in our surroundings you can visit Museum of Nature in Smoldzino.

Museum of Slovinski Village

Not far away there is heritage park museum, which is not only exhibitions, but they also organize performance from ancestors' life of this area. Visitors can take part with oldtime ordinary living.

Lighthouse in Czolpino

From this tower you can see breathtaking view of virgin forest, dunes and sea.


On the Rowokol Mountain there is view-tower available for visitors. All the hill is cowered with wonderfull wood which border on Smoldzino.


Clean water of rivers and lakes promise real fishing paradise with lots of species.

Historical monuments

Old Churches and palace group in surrounding villages will interest all architecture and history amateurs.